Silicone Rubber Corona Treater Sleeve

Silicone Rubber Corona Treater Sleeve

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 Silicone Rubber Corona Treater Sleeve

v      FEATURES :-

·         Good Electrically Insulation.

·         Ozone Corona discharge resistance.

·         Suitable for continuous operation at 180º C & can be operated at higher temperature without loss of any mechanical & dielectric properties.

·         Having high dielectric strength 250-500 Votts/mm.

·         Resilient & flexible for case of Insulation on to treatment roll.

·         Long Life.

·         Due to sleeve treat can be operated with much smaller air gap.

·         Require much lower web tension.

·         Do not break or crack under unusual web tension

·         Size available from 2” ID to 8” ID & wall thickness 2.00mm to 5.00mm (±0.2mm)  

·         STANDARD SIZE:-

            ID                OD                                      ID             OD

         (1)       48mm      x     54mm                   (2)            74mm     x    80mm                                                  

         (3)       59mm      x     65mm                      (4)                   95mm     x    101mm

         (5)       70mm      x     76mm                      (6)                   98mm     x    104mm

         (7)       72mm      x     78mm                      (8)                   145mm   x    151mm

·         Normally available from stock in opaque color.

·         Special size & color available on request.  



·         Appearance Transparent to Transculent.

·         Hardness : 60-70 Shore  A.

·         Density: – 1.2

·         Temperature:-  - 80º to 250º C. (-110º to 480º F) 

·         Elongation at break 500%

  Tensile Strength:- 11.0Mpa