Silicone Rubber Transparent Tubings

Silicone Rubber Transparent Tubings

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Manufactured from FDA approved SILICONE RUBBER in Clean Room Environment.

Non toxic, Non Leaching & Pyrogenfree.

Withstand repeated Sterilization.

Compatible with common drug formulation

Biological Neutral

Resist Oxidation, Ozone & radiation.

Does not support bacterial growth.

Non-reactive to body tissue and fluid.

Non-adherence tissue.

Retains Physical properties in extreme.


Appearance Transparent to Transculent.

Shore A Hardness – 60.

Density: – 1.2

Temperature:- - 60º to 200º C. (-110º to 480º F)

Elongation at break 500%

Tensile Strength:- 11.0Mpa

Range = 0.2mm ID to 54mm ID


Transfer of Sterile Liquids.

Blood Transfusion.

I.V. Administration.

Percutaneous flow guided cardiac catheterization.

Prolonged dialysis & drainage of the peritoneal cavity.

Suction Drainage.

As gasket for autoclave & ovens.

With food & dairy equipments.

Animal husbandry Infertility Clinic for Embryo transfer.

As insulator in electronic & Electric equipments.

Bio Technology , Agricultural & Research Laboratories.